Habitude Warriors Luncheon

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Who Should Attend Habitude Warriors International?

Do you need help developing professional or personal goal strategies?

Do you want to identify what is holding you back?

Are you a procrastinator?

Do you need better prospecting techniques?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then this seminar is for you.

About Habitude Warriors International & Erik Swanson

Habitude Warrior International and Habitude Warrior Conferences are among the leading authorities in the United States, Canada, and soon to be Australia & the U.K. in developing sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners & managers to new levels of personal and professional growth of achievement. All of our Trainers are hand picked and have been personally coached by the top speakers of the world such as Brian Tracy, Erik Swanson & Tony Robbins!

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, Keynote Speaker Erik Swanson has traveled the U.S. & Internationally as an Award-Winning Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, and Success Coach! Sharing stages with his friends from The Secret and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich Foundation, Erik’s training is very interactive and fast-paced, packed with techniques for your team to increase productivity in any industry, in any market! Having just spoken at Harvard University, be sure to ask him about his ‘Double-Double’ Theory! Change your habits, change your life!

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Join B2B Connections & Erik Swanson to Learn:

  • Developing Clear & Concise Strategies
  • Clearly Identifying What is Truly Holding You Back
  • The 5 Pillars to Creating Extraordinary Results
  • Time Management, Prioritizing & Procrastination
  • Develop the Art of Prospecting & Referral Power
  • Closing Skills to Gain Trust & The Ultimate “Yes”
  • Building a Powerful Memory to Recall Anyone’s Name
  • Utilize the Success Principles of Think and Grow Rich
  • Maintaining a Super Positive “Yes” Attitude with Ease