Ted Treat

ted treat

Ted is a financial services professional who is very experienced in assisting small business customers with their banking and deposit product requirements. He is a Senior Vice President with Meadows Bank and has been in banking, in the Phoenix Metro area, for over twenty-five years.  He comes from a banking family and represents the third generation in the profession.  He agreed to join the Meadows Bank team because of its small community bank appeal and being able to have access to decision makers within the organization. The bank was founded in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada and lists renowned tennis star, Andre Agassi, as a founding member.  Currently, there are five branch locations in Nevada and one branch in Phoenix.  The bank is well capitalized and exhibits assets of $727 Million as of the quarter ending June 30, 2017. The bank is primarily a commercial bank and is actively seeking small to medium size conventional and SBA loan opportunities along with developing deposit and merchant service relationships with its customers.        

Ted teamed up with B2B Connections because its members are strong advocates for developing meaningful business relationships with each other and the clients they seek to assist.  Members are encouraged to learn about each others profession, thereby, providing value to clients and prospects as part of a collaborative networking process.           

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