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B2B Connections

What is B2B Connections?

B2B Connections is an exclusive group of business executives bound by the desire to learn from each other, help each other grow, and positively impact our community.

We meet twice a month to:

  • Discuss what’s happening in the local business market.

  • Discuss what issues we’re encountering.

  • And build peer to peer relationships.


Our goal and purpose are centered around this simple concept: People do business with other people they Know, Like, and Trust!

Join B2B Connections if you want to connect with like-minded professionals, build successful relationships, educate others and strategize how to grow each other’s respective business.

Who We Are

B2B Connections was founded by professionals specifically to address the needs of the Business to Business professional.  There are many valuable networking groups in the Phoenix area, and we firmly believe in the power of networking and engaging in the community.  However, a majority of the membership within these groups are comprised of Business to Consumer or Home-Based sales reps for various national brands.

We saw a need to focus on the sales professionals and business entities whose products and services are marketed towards other small to medium-sized businesses.

We come together twice a month to discuss business topics, educate each other, strategize for new business, build new strategic relationships, and discuss how we can help other businesses grow.

All of our members have many years of experience in their own respective industries.  We all rely heavily on maintaining in-depth relationships with our clients for the long term.  Each member of the group is vetted for professionalism, reliability, and success in their own respective industry.

B2B Connections is about two things:

#1 Individual Professionals

We are always interested in other seasoned professionals to join us.  If you are experienced in a particular field or industry, have strong integrity, are professional, and you’re looking to help other businesses grow, then reach out to us to learn more.

#2 Business Vendors

Vetting vendors for trustworthy companies and representatives is time-consuming and exhausting. B2B Connections has strict guidelines of who can join, so we can maintain our confidence in recommending other members of the group to our clients or prospective clients.  If you’re looking for a subject matter expert for your business or your clients, or you are an expert yourself, email us today and let’s be successful together!