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B2B Connections

What is B2B Connections?

B2B Connections is an exclusive group of business executives bound by the desire to learn from each other, help each other grow, and positively impact our community.

We meet twice a month to:

  • Discuss what’s happening in the local business market.

  • Discuss what issues we’re encountering.

  • And build peer to peer relationships.


Join B2B Connections if you want to connect with like-minded professionals, build successful relationships, educate each other and strategize how to grow each other’s respective businesses.

Who We Are

First and foremost we’re about building business relationships with individuals that you Know, Like, and Trust. We’re individuals who have extensive experience in our own fields and find more value in building referral relationships that are more sustainable than your typical networking forums. We come together twice a month to discuss business topics, educate each other, strategize for new business, and discuss how we can help each other businesses grow.

We’re a group of professionals that connect to build successful relationships, educate each other, and strategize on how to grow each other’s respective businesses.

We’re individuals who have built a relationship of trust, integrity, and respect.  We have many years of experience in our own respective industries and we help other businesses by helping them become even more successful than they already are.

B2B Connections is about two things:

#1 Individual Professionals

We are always interested in other seasoned professionals to join us.  If you are experienced in a particular field or industry, have strong integrity, are professional, and you’re looking to help other businesses grow, then reach out to us for an interview.

#2 Business Vendors

Vetting vendors for trustworthy companies and representatives is time-consuming and exhausting. B2B Connections cuts through all that because we have strict guidelines of who can join.  If you’re looking for a subject matter expert in areas such as merchant services, marketing, SEO, employee benefits, IT, insurance or banking, leadership experts, just to name a few, then look no further.  Call or email us today to see if we have the resources and experts you need to take your business to the next level.